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The Warm Up
Mr Motivator – The Warm Up

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“It was great fun being on the streets and shopping centres of Liverpool; I picked on anyone I could find, willing or otherwise. I created quite a stir, wearing my stretch Lycra and a bum bag, and with my music blaring, people crowded around. Richard and Judy had asked what I wanted to be called and out of the blue I just said, ‘The Motivator’.”

The Warm Up is not a typical celebrity autobiography – Derrick laces the story of his life (from childhood through to retirement) with inspirational reflections and advice. His position, as fitness guru, popular television personality, and motivational speaker, make him ideally placed to offer insights into life, work, love and family, based on his own, often challenging, experiences. He eventually got onto the UK’s TV screens, which plummeted him straight into the hearts of Brits throughout the 1990s. He is still regarded with great fondness and frequently asked to make personal appearances around the world at festivals and as a brand ambassador.

Derrick Evans, better known as Mr Motivator, is a Jamaican-born British exercise instructor. He rose to fame in the early 1990s through appearances on the UK breakfast television show GMTV, known for his fabulous range of bum bags and colourful spandex outfits. He released a number of fitness and workout videos throughout the 1990s – some of which are being re-released on DVD in 2016.

On top of his media, motivational and fitness work, Evans and family own and operate H’Evans Scent, an ecotourism resort, and PaintSplat, Jamaica’s first paintball operation. Mr Motivator currently lives in Jamaica with his wife Palmer.